Concept And Meaning Of Life Insurance Contract

Human lives are most precious thing in this world. Safety and security of human lives are the first and foremost concern of the human kind. Since life insurance provides financial security to human lives, it is most important form of insurance. This is perhaps the reason why life insurance occupies more than eighty percent of […]

Concept And Types Of Life Insurance Policy

Concept Of Life Insurance Policy Life insurance policy is also known as life assurance, because the event insured against is definite to take place though the time of occurrence is uncertain. The life insurance policy combines the elements of protection and investment. It provides financial protection to the insured and his family members. Besides, it […]

Steps Or Procedures For Effecting Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance is a legal contract between two parties. Therefore, the parties who wishes to successfully enter into the contract has to take a number of steps. These steps comprise the procedures for effecting life insurance policy. The following are the important steps that are taken to effect the life insurance policy. 1. Proposal […]

Features Of Life Insurance Contract

Since the life insurance is not an indemnity contract, the insurer, in his part, is required to pay a definite sum of money agreed on maturity of policy at the death or an amount in installment for a fixed period or during life. As such, contrary to other insurance policies, it has some distinct features. […]

Concept And Meaning Of Fire Insurance

Fire is one of the most important and valuable gifts of nature to us. It has important place in human life, because fire plays a vital role. However, it has also been the risk of human life and property. Therefore, fire insurance has evolved for protecting human lives and properties from the risks of fire. […]